If you find yourself sitting in an excavator, tractor or truck for hours on end in the hot Summer sun, why not consider window tinting? Paul uses the same high quality film on all heavy vehicles and machinery applications. With the mobile service also available, as long as there is suitable area for application, he can come to you.

Advantages of Heavy Vehicle or Machinery Window Tinting

Reduce heat

Sundown’s preferred window film can provide up to 82% solar heat rejection when compared with untinted glass.

Stop fading

Sundown’s car window film blocks out up to 99% of UV rays. Coupled with the reduction in heat within the vehicle, this will help protect your car’s valuable interior.

Protection for your skin

By stopping all but 1% of the UV rays, tinting film provides effective protection for your skin against skin cancer.

Helps reduce glare

Glare is not only annoying, it can be very dangerous when it blinds your vision. Much like a pair of high quality polarised glasses would do, our film with assist in reducing this dangerous glare.


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